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Wichtigste Aufgabe der Antiterror-Einheit des britischen Inlandsgeheimdienstes MI-5, deren Chef Harry Pearce ist, ist die nationale Sicherheit. Spooks – Im Visier des MI5 (Originaltitel: Spooks) ist eine BAFTA-prämierte britische Fernsehserie, die von 20von der unabhängigen. Wichtigste Aufgabe seines Teams ist die Bekämpfung von terroristischen Gruppierungen, die in dieser britischen Serie auch tatsächlich wie in der Realität zum. Die TV-Serie Spooks handelt vom britischen Inlandsgeheimdienst MI5. Die Serie stammt von der BBC und wird in Deutschland bei FOX und ZDF_neo gezeigt. Außerdem tut es der Serie gut, dass die einzelnen Episoden nicht wie sonst bei amerikansichen Serien bekannt 40 Minuten, sondern gut 50 Minuten umfassen.

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Die britische Fernsehserie handelt von der imaginären Abteilung D beim MI5, dem britischen Inlandsgeheimdienst. Die Drehbücher für die erste Staffel „​Spooks. Wichtigste Aufgabe der Antiterror-Einheit des britischen Inlandsgeheimdienstes MI-5, deren Chef Harry Pearce ist, ist die nationale Sicherheit. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon verfügbar. Die Handlung von Spooks dreht sich rund um den britischen Geheimdienst MI5. Der Kampf gegen den Terror. It is revealed Viktor wants to take the agent to ticket auf fernseher streamen Russians to justify their invasion of Azakstan. The availability and iconic status of certain London landmarks made them popular locations throughout production. After getting him released, Kordad discloses gregs tagebuch kkiste location of the planned attack; a restaurant. Edwin's and the plague is halted. Here the meantime, Tessa Read more Jenny Agutter recognises Johnny Marks Christopher Fulforda former asset and lover of Tessa's, who was believed to have been killed in a car bomb https://petmar.se/stream-filme-downloaden/alexander-calvert.php Northern Ireland several years. Just click for source is shot, but will survive.

With the Russians thinking that Azakstan nationalists have the Paroxocybin, they withdraw their forces from Azakstan. Chinese agents arrive in the UK to kidnap and assassinate Dr Jiang, a scientist developing new desalination technology.

Beth turns Kai, a Chinese diplomat, into an asset. Lucas and Dimitri break into the embassy to steal information regarding the agents.

Ruth goes undercover in the company's building to access their computers. Kai informs MI-5 of a bomb in the same building.

MI-5 jams radio to prevent remote detonation. Ruth tries to get Jiang out of the building, but she is in the custody of CIA agents.

In response, MI-5 lets the Chinese intercept false intel through Kai indicating that the Home Secretary will authorise a breach of the embassy to rescue Jiang.

The Chinese take the bait, and move Jiang, and Kai who is under arrest, to the airport. The Section D team intercepts and seizes them both.

The UK head of Chinese intelligence informs Harry that if they do not hand Jiang back, they will detonate a bomb in London. Dimitri finds the bomb and disarms it with Tariq's help.

Jiang is transferred to the CIA. Kai, who can have freedom in London, misses his homeland, and turns himself in to the Chinese embassy.

Lucas obtains the Albany file by logging into the network using the ID of Stephen Owen, another agent. He then transfers money into Owen's bank account, and delivers the file to Vaughn.

He believes this will allow him to restart his relationship with Maya. Owen is identified and arrested.

The Chinese agents reveal that their true mission is to track and kill Lucas. While Beth and Dimitri go undercover during the US President's visit to chair secret peace talks between Israel and Palestine, a plot to assassinate him is uncovered.

Believing it is the work of Lebanese militant Muatt Hutri, Lucas tracks him. Hutri slips out of Lucas's grasp, and traps Lucas but does not kill him.

Lucas visits Maya, telling her that now they can be together. Hutri gives himself up to MI-5; he says that he is in London to stop the assassination, and that the actual assassin is Baltasar Jad, a Syrian.

Jad captures Beth, and secures her in his workshop. He cuts himself in the thigh, and goes to the emergency entrance of a hospital near the hotel.

He retrieves a gun in the basement, and goes to the roof. Beth escapes, and reports Jad's wound. From the roof, Jad is attempting to take a shot from a mile and a half away, through the windows of a building between him and the hotel.

The President is rerouted to the back of the hotel, and a wild shot wounds Raed Elwan of the Palestinian delegation.

Lucas gets to the roof, and kills Jad. They realise that the sniper is a diversion; the actual assassin is Israeli Anna Cohen, who plans to blow herself up with the president as revenge for her father's deserting her when she was captured by Palestinians.

Her father, Levy Cohen and Dimitri are able to talk her out of the plan. In the end, Lucas visits Maya's home but her boyfriend is there.

The boyfriend turns out to be Vaughn, looking smarter than before. Lucas realises Vaughn has no intention of leaving him alone.

Lucas, who is pressed by Vaughn to find the Albany file, is tasked with transporting CIA cyber-expert Daniella Ortiz, who has the codes for Cybershell.

However, Tariq discovers the Grid is bugged by a coalition of Russian and Chinese agents, who plan on sabotaging Cybershell. During a faked power shortage, Harry lets the team know.

Meanwhile, Vaughn orders Lucas to bring the file immediately. Lucas pretends he is being followed, and drives to a garage where he and Daniela switch to an untraceable car and lose her CIA bodyguards.

Lucas then detours to Malcolm's home to get the Albany file. Daniella, who is suspicious, walks to a window and overhears part of the conversation.

Malcolm digs up a box containing the file. Lucas receives a call from Harry about a new rendezvous point, but it is from the hackers who are fabricating Harry's voice.

After the hackers lock down the Grid, Harry has no way to contact Lucas; the hackers, using Harry's voice again, order Lucas to assassinate Daniella, though he eventually realises it is being faked.

With Daniella locked in the boot, they are ambushed; Lucas kills the attackers, but Daniella is shot in the neck.

When Daniella mentions that she won't disclose anything about Albany, Lucas fakes a call, but lets her bleed out and die. At the Grid, the team tries to find a way to escape; Dimitri uses bomb components to blow open a door to the street.

Using the information Tariq has acquired, they determine the hackers' location. A fabricated Harry talks to the hackers over the Internet, playing for time while Dimitri and armed police storm the building and apprehend them.

Ruth reveals to Harry that she has been bugging Lucas and believes he can't be trusted because of inconsistencies in his reports. Meanwhile, Vaughn tells Lucas the file Lucas gave him is fake.

Lucas returns to Malcolm's home, only to find the house cleaned out. Edward Hall. Anthony Neilson. Ruth looks into a suspected dead drop witnessed by council employee Keith Deery; colleagues are sceptical that Deery has real evidence.

Having tracked Lucas's keyboard, Ruth tells Harry that she suspects Lucas of treachery. Harry says she is being "overzealous".

Dimitri joins the police as they pick up a Mafia boss who is giving himself up. Ruth goes to Deery's council flat to investigate. Meanwhile, two Chinese operatives who are in Vaughn's apartment tell him that if he doesn't deliver the Albany file, they will rape and kill Maya.

Vaughn kidnaps Maya to force Lucas to get the file. Harry, having revisited the bombing of the British Embassy in Dakar , realises that Lucas was involved.

He orders Beth to follow Lucas. Vaughn holds Maya in a basement. Lucas tracks Vaughn; Vaughn tells Lucas not to show his gun but insists on obtaining the file.

Lucas stabs Vaughn in the thigh, and forces Vaughn to reveal Maya's whereabouts. But Beth pulls a gun on Lucas, and Vaughn escapes.

Meanwhile, at Deery's flat, a French assassin targeting the Mafia boss ties Ruth to a chair. Ruth uses a hot iron to break free.

She frees Deery; together they kill the assassin. When Lucas is apprehended, he reveals to Harry that he is actually John Bateman, who unknowingly sent the bomb Vaughn had given him to the Dakar Embassy, killing 17 people.

Lucas also recounts that Vaughn later killed the real Lucas North; Bateman had taken his identity. He convinces Harry to release him and rescue Maya.

Lucas frees Maya. After their ordeal, Ruth and Deery are in hospital. Deery is on suicide watch. With Harry visiting, Ruth tells him she is fine and is ready to return to work.

Harry leads a manhunt for Lucas, and hires former officer Alec White to help. Episode Guide. Creator: David Wolstencroft. Available on Amazon.

Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S7. Error: please try again. What's New on Prime Video in June. May Movie and TV Anniversaries. Action Series.

Series seen before How Much Have You Seen? How many episodes of Spooks have you seen? Share this Rating Title: Spooks — 8.

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Peter Firth Harry Pearce 86 episodes, Hugh Simon Malcolm Wynn-Jones 65 episodes, Nicola Walker Ruth Evershed 57 episodes, Rupert Penry-Jones Adam Carter 41 episodes, Miranda Raison Learn more More Like This.

MI-5 Action Drama Thriller. Hustle — Crime Drama Mystery. A motley group of London con artists pulls off a series of daring and intricate stings.

Ashes to Ashes — Crime Drama Fantasy. Whitechapel — Crime Mystery Thriller. Waking the Dead — Silk — Life on Mars — Wire in the Blood — Wallander — A television show centered on a soul-searching Swedish cop.

Foyle's War — Inspector Morse — Crime Drama. Taglines: It's a fine line between safety and terror. Edit Did You Know? Goofs Harry Ferguson, in his memoir "Kilo", describes the procedure for ditching someone who recognizes a Spy from School as telling them to go away.

Quotes Tom Quinn : There are no medals for what we do. But what we do give is respect. And that you have. I know Agents twice your age who couldn't go through what you did.

Radicalising Mosque Informant : You said you'd keep me safe. Tom Quinn : I'm so sorry. Crazy Credits The show does not have any end credits, ending each episode with a trailer for the next episode and only showing a BBC production information screen.

Just the caption "A Kudos Production". Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Country: UK.

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Die erste Hauptfigur, die von Lisa Faulkner gespielte Agentin Helen Flynn, fiel völlig überraschend schon in der zweiten Episode einem brutalen Mord zum Opfer, in dem ihr Kopf quälend lang in siedendes Fett getaucht wurde. Folge 79 Wer ist Lucas North? Beste Ergebnisse. EUR 65, EUR 3,67 Versand. Simon Russell Beale. Anna Chancellor.

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Spooks 2002 Season 8 Episode 2 Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon verfügbar. Die Handlung von Spooks dreht sich rund um den britischen Geheimdienst MI5. Der Kampf gegen den Terror. Die britische Fernsehserie handelt von der imaginären Abteilung D beim MI5, dem britischen Inlandsgeheimdienst. Die Drehbücher für die erste Staffel „​Spooks. Die BBC-Serie arbeitet mit ungewöhnlichen Kameraperspektiven und Split-​Screen-Technik, durch die mehrere Handlungsstränge gleichzeitig gezeigt werden. Schon seit dem Sendestart im Jahr zählte "Spooks" zu den beliebtesten Serien auf BBC One. Die Quoten halten sich bis heute konstant. Spooks - Im Visier des MI5. Preisgekrönte BBC-Geheimdienst-Serie um ein Elite-​Team des britischen Inlandsgeheimdienstes MI5. Martin Kautz. Folge 69 Der Rachefeldzug GB Learn more here Ziele der Geheimoperationen sind Waffenschmuggler, Rassisten, gegnerische Agenten oder auch militante Abtreibungsgegner. Beste Ergebnisse. Der Geheimdienst article source einen Terroristen stoppen, der einen biologischen Kampfstoff nach London schmuggelt. EUR 2,20 Versand. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. In der kultigen Krimikomödie entführt er als Bankräuber Jennifer Lopez, die damals ebenfalls durch den Film sehr viel mehr Aufmerksamkeit bekam. Der Originaltitel leitet sich von der im englischen Sprachraum umgangssprachlichen Bezeichnung für Spione ab, da die Serie sich mit den Nachrichtenoffizieren des Spooks serie please click for source, die ihr Hauptquartier im Thames House in London haben. Genre Alle ansehen. Link Alle ansehen. EinFan am Die Quoten halten sich bis heute konstant bei rund sechs Millionen Zuschauern. Die Sendung wurde von dem Schriftsteller David Wolstencroft entworfen. Opinion passwort Г¤ndern abstract 67, Schreib einen neuen Kommentareine Rezension oder Erinnerung. April ausgestrahlt. Geoffrey Streadfeild. Heike Schroetter. Doch ihre Asthmaerkrankung macht ihr zu schaffen. Offizieller Trailer zur dritten Staffel von "Dark". Nicola Walker. EUR 2,00 Versand. EUR 24,90 recommend stream on hotspot sorry 57 Min. EUR 26, Rücknahme akzeptiert.

Archived from the original on 12 November Radio Times. BBC Magazines : 10— The Times. Retrieved 17 March Retrieved 8 March Digital Spy.

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Retrieved 4 March Last Broadcast. Retrieved 16 March BBC News. British Video Association. Archived from the original on 13 September Spooks: The Greater Good.

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Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. Season 7. DVD cover art of the Spooks series seven.

List of Spooks episodes. Six months following " The School " it is revealed Jo Portman played dead and then killed her captor Boscard.

Harry Pearce finally secures the release of Lucas North , an MI5 officer who was imprisoned in Russia for eight years.

He and Adam Carter work together to rescue Sullivan. With too little time to defuse it, Adam drives the rigged car to an unpopulated zone, but is killed when it explodes as he gets out.

Harry asks his superior, Richard Dolby, to pursue Kachimov, but is denied. However, Harry proceeds to pursue Kachimov anyway. Malcolm Wynn-Jones believes there is a Russian submarine in British waters, and deduces its intention to carry out a cyber attack via a submarine communications cable.

Lucas meanwhile is revealed to be a double agent for the Russians and is being handled by Elizabeta Starkova, his ex-wife who works in the FSB.

After learning of his involvement, Ros brings Lucas in; Lucas claims he is actually stopping Kachimov by earning Kachimov's trust. Lucas forges evidence to make Kachimov appear to his bosses to be working for MI-5, which helps Lucas to convince Kachimov to identify the cable.

With knowledge of the cable, Malcolm foils the cyber attack, disabling the submarine's computer systems. The submarine would have sunk except for a rescue by the Royal Navy, which sends a message to Moscow.

Kachimov is later arrested. In revenge for Adam Carter's death, Harry murders Kachimov with a shot to the chest.

Lucas turns Elizabeta into an asset for MI5. Ben Kaplan is on his first undercover assignment to infiltrate an Al-Qaeda cell that plans to launch suicide attacks after a dry run after making threats on the Internet.

During the operation, Ben becomes close to fellow cell member Jawad. Later, Ben learns the attacks have been moved forward to take place during the dry run.

MI5 and CO19 disarm three of the bombs, and a fourth detonates with no civilian casualties. Section D discover that the "Mr. Big" behind the operation is the same man who warned MI5 of the attacks, Marlin, who kills himself after admitting he was forced following the kidnap of his family.

Meanwhile, Lucas recalls that during his imprisonment in Russia, he was tortured on information relating to "Sugarhorse", MI5's "best kept secret" that only five people know of.

Fearing there is a high level mole working in MI5, Harry appoints retired spycatcher Bernard Qualtrough to discover the mole's identity.

Section D are stunned to learn that Mohammed Khordad, Al-Qaeda's number three, wants to talk with MI5, with intelligence on a planned attack in London in exchange that two Guantanamo Bay prisoners be released and have Home Secretary Nicholas Blake announce this on live television.

After getting him released, Kordad discloses the location of the planned attack; a restaurant. However, Lucas learns from Elizabeta that the FSB is involved and has moved up the detonation time by ten minutes; if Lucas informs Harry and stops it earlier, the FSB will realise Lucas is not a double agent and will kill him.

As a third option, Lucas disarms the bomb and plants a fake one to fool them. Before leaving, Khordad hands Harry intel on a new weapon being developed in Iran.

After the meeting, Khordad's plane is shot down by the Americans over the Ural Mountains. Meanwhile, Qualtrough learns that Connie James may be the leak after learning that she had an affair with the late Hugo Prince, one of the few people who knows about Sugarhorse.

The email reinforces Harry's suspicions that there is a mole within the Grid and orders a sweep for bugs.

Ros is conflicted about her participation in Yalta, when she learns that they arranged the sale of the trigger to Iran to limit American power.

Adam and Ros go undercover on the flight to find the courier. They must identify the courier, but cannot stop the flight until the threat to the water supply is eliminated.

After clearing three suspects, they discover there is an extra passenger on the flight. After Jo and Malcolm prevent the chemicals from leaving the pumping station, the extra passenger is subdued and handcuffed him to his seat.

But the man dies later when the plane depressurises and he cannot reach his oxygen mask. After the plane lands, it is revealed that the extra passenger is a CIA agent and that the pilot is the courier.

Adam and Ros are too late to stop the transfer of the trigger into Iranian hands. Ros's last bug on the Grid is found on the sweep by an officer who is also working for Yalta.

Sholto is disappointed, but still wants to keep Ros around— for now. Stefan Schwartz. To prevent Iran from announcing that they are a nuclear power after acquiring the firing trigger, Harry and Bob Hogan approach Bakhshi with a peace accord between their three countries.

Ben is asked to write a favourable story in exchange for being included in the audience. In turn, Ben asks Adam for help identifying a woman in a photo, who unbeknownst to them is Magritte.

When Iran asks for too much, Harry persuades Bakhshi to accept more reasonable terms by offering to give Ana a new identity and a new life in Vancouver.

In a meeting where Ros tries to convince Yalta to back down, Magritte plants a bug and follows her to the safe house where Ana is being held.

However, the TV show is hijacked by armed terrorists, who wants the participants to confirm on-air that Iran is now a nuclear state, and threaten to shoot the hostages if broadcasting is cut or interrupted.

Harry and Connie learn that the man who let the gunmen in was an MI5 agent, who was part of the Yalta network.

The agent also reveals that Yalta had been ineffectual for years, but only recently came to life thanks to a new well-placed mole inside the security services.

With Ben Kaplan's help, Adam and Ros stop the gunmen. Bakhshi is shot, but will survive. Adam discovers that Ana is still alive.

He and Ros rush to save Ana from Yalta kidnappers. In the end, Adam and Ros confront each other about their respective deception and embrace.

After learning of Yalta during the hostage-taking in the previous episode, Bob Hogan assassinates several members.

Hostilities between Iran and American are escalating in the Gulf. Kaplan is watching Magritte and follows her to a meeting with Ros, who is asked to obtain codes to initiate an attack against the Americans.

Realising that Kaplan has video of the meeting and that she's has been exposed as a mole, Ros asks to be pulled, but Yalta insists that she carry out her assignment.

In a last-ditch effort to save herself and to avert a war in the Gulf, Ros shows up at Thames House and claims that she infiltrated Yalta to use them as an intelligence asset.

Harry and Adam do not trust her, but decide to use her, so they can take down Yalta and prevent the attack on the Americans.

They follow Ros to a rendezvous with Yalta, where they learn that Juliet Shaw is the mastermind behind Yalta and the code is to launch a computer attack on the US satellite network.

Malcolm is able to end the attack, but there has been enough damage that the Americans cannot go ahead with missile launches against the Iranians.

However, in the process, Juliet gives Ros a lethal injection. Fortunately, Adam was able to switch the injection with a paralysing agent beforehand, faking her death.

During her funeral, Adam revives Ros and gives her a new identity to hide from Hogan. Disgusted by recent events, Adam gives Kaplan the story of MI5's involvement in the Tehran train bomb.

Unbeknownst to Adam, his conversation was recorded by agents working for Bakhshi. Before Adam has a chance to hand over the proof, Section D is closed down pending an inquiry into Yalta's infiltration.

Davie King, one of Harry's former assets from the IRA and now sworn enemy, has been sent to assassinate the team. King contacts Harry, and tells him that he has planted a bomb in London; the entire team must approach the car containing the bomb or else he will detonate it, killing nearby civilians.

The team deduces that well placed officials must be involved to get King into the country. However, they also saw this as an opportunity; as Spooks is a spy show, Wolstencroft had the idea that it would be "cool" to have a show that was anonymous, and it would fit the spirit of the series.

Before broadcasting began, the BBC considered airing the show on a Saturday night timeslot as its research found that any potential viewers were less likely to watch television on Saturdays than most other nights of the week; the BBC hoped that Spooks would boost its timeslot.

The episodes were also repeated on the digital channel BBC Choice. However, each episode had approximately ten minutes edited out to accommodate for advert breaks.

The DVD release of the series in America contained the uncut episodes. The Spooks producers were hoping the ratings for the pilot would achieve at least six million viewers; at the time this was considered acceptable ratings by the BBC, as it would allow them to further consider Spooks ' future.

Within the fortnight of the show's launch, MI5 noted a surge in a number of applications to the organisation as a result of the series.

Out of the 10,plus applications per week to MI5's website, more than 2, people applied following the end of a Spooks episode, while before the episodes broadcast, only a handful of new applications were entered.

MI5 welcomed the show's impact on the public, despite the officers' views that Spooks was "unrealistic and far-fetched", and could give viewers a false impression of how the organisation operates.

Alison Graham of the Radio Times [42]. The first series received generally favourable reviews. Joe Joseph of The Times stated that it "bears a closer resemblance [to] 24 ," which "shaded the pleasure of this opening episode", but felt that by the end of the episode, Spooks had "established a voice of its own.

This is one of those dramas where colleagues never make small talk but instead launch straight into an urgent purposive shorthand.

Nancy Banks-Smith of The Guardian stated the series is "one of those shiny and insubstantial series," adding that "all that leaping out of bed at dawn on the pretext that you have to go and sell a house tends to wear thin.

Landmann added; "Each story is complex and convincing, plus the scripts are very well written. A lot goes on in each episode, and it's detrimental for a show like this to keep the action and tension going as fast as possible.

This ensures that each episode is strong in content and execution. American shows tend to run for 20—25 episodes a season, and while developments occur, there are always the filler episodes.

With [ Spooks ] there is nothing like it, no filler material at all. In fact, the first season sees a lot of development. Of the series, Millheiser called it a "great show," with "plotlines that are fast-paced and gripping throughout", adding, "It lacks the slick, candy-coated escapism and romanticism of Alias , or the white-knuckled, thrill-a-minute intensity of While that frenetic pace makes for challenging viewing, it might prevent the show from reaching a broader audience.

While it's a little talkier and more reliant on suspense and mystery than trigger-happy American action shows, [ Spooks ] should please any fan of cloak-and-dagger antics.

The first series attracted controversy for its second episode, which saw the demise of a main character after her hand and head were forced into a deep fryer.

However the watchdog still criticised the BBC for failing to warn viewers of the violence to come in the scene. The first series of Spooks was nominated for six awards, one of which it won.

The first series was well received by fans. At the end of , the BBC released a "Best of" viewer polls on its website. Spooks was voted the third best drama, [55] beaten only by lesbian period drama Tipping the Velvet , which starred Keeley Hawes, [56] and American action series The first series is available on DVD box set.

It was first released in the United Kingdom Region 2 on 16 June The box set includes an array of special features. Each episode has its own audio commentary track.

In addition there are numerous interviews with the cast and crew members of the series, discussing the origins and development of the show and the purpose of the main characters.

There are also deleted scenes , image galleries, an explained list of MI5 terms, series credits Spooks is a programme that does not include credits in its episodes , and scripts of the episodes, the latter of which are found on DVD-ROM.

In the United Kingdom, the box set was released with a "15" British Board of Film Classification BBFC certificate meaning it is unsuitable for viewing by those under the age of 15 years.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: List of Spooks episodes. Guest appearances in the first series include Anthony Head left and Hugh Laurie right.

It's the ultimate betrayal. Suddenly you're in a relationship with a complete stranger. You discover your partner has always been acting in some way, that he's always been at an emotional distance.

If someone's lied that much, how can there ever be any trust in your relationship again? Of if it were, we'd all be queueing up to talk in clipped and meaningful tones while striding down official-looking corridors.

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