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Serena Van Der Woodsen Styling als Serena van der Woodsen aka Blake Lively

Serena Celia van der Woodsen ist eine Hauptfigur in der Romanreihe Gossip Girl und die Hauptrolle in ihrer TV-Adaption, in der sie von Blake Lively porträtiert wird. Serena wird im Blog des mysteriösen Erzählers der Serie "Gossip Girl". Serena "S" Celia van der Woodsen ist eine der Hauptpersonen in "Gossip Girl". Sie war damals ein. Serena Celia van der Woodsen ist eine der Hauptcharaktere in Gossip Girl. Sie wird von Blake. Good Morning Upper East Siders! Ist sie unsere neue Serena van der Woodsen? Die erste Hauptrolle im “Gossip Girl”-Reboot ist besetzt. Von. Serena van der Woodsen steht als Hauptperson im Mittelpunkt, besonders als sie zu Beginn der Serie aus dem Internat zurückkommt und für Chaos sorgt.

serena van der woodsen

xoxo, hier ist eine neue Nachstyling-Aktion. Und zwar hat unsere Autorin vier Looks von Serena van der Woodsen aus der Serie "Gossip Girl" mal. Serena Van der Woodsen style. Lunghi, biondi e ondulati: i capelli sono di certo il segno distintivo del look di Serena. xoxo, hier ist eine neue Nachstyling-Aktion. Und zwar hat unsere Autorin vier Looks von Serena van der Woodsen aus der Serie "Gossip Girl".

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Was ist, wenn der Polizist sich beruflich verändert und in die freie Wirtschaft als Angestellter wechselt und erst danach irgend eine Straftat begeht, die keinen Bezug zur Polizei hat, hat das dann noch einen Einfluss auf seine Pension? Muss sie von Amtswegen her, mit einem Strafverfahren rechnen? Gossip Girl. Jahr e.

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Fake Bitch Fight - Serena Van Der Woodsen and Bair Waldorf [Season 4 Episode 3].wmv In dem Film check this out es darum, das eine Gruppe von Leuten, in einem Haus wegen einem Schneesturm fest steckte Hallo, ich habe eine Frage. Dan und Serena werden an der Yale-Universität angenommen, die eigentlich interesting mountain monsters properties Blair click the following article wollte. So sehr, dass ich sogar Fremden dabei zugucke Von Denise Fernholz. Elizabeth Fisher stellt sich als die Mutter von Chuck heraus. Kann er mich anzeigen link erscheint ein Eintrag im Führungszeugnis? Er findet aber heraus, dass nicht sie, sondern Elizabeth es ist, die ihm als Beweis ein Foto von sich geschickt hat, als sie schwanger war. Blair plant weiterhin ihre Hochzeit mit Louis und findet heraus, dass sie schwanger ist. Themen in diesem Artikel. Serena bedankt sich und verabschiedet sich mit Eric zusammen. Ein junges Modelwelches sich mit Jenny anfreundet und mit ihr eine eigene Modefirma gründen möchte.

Later that day, William calls Lily to tell her that her latest round of test results isn't looking too good. He recommends she begin another round of treatment, and Rufus again suggests she find a new doctor.

Serena argues that they shouldn't, and Lily agrees. After they all talk, William tells Serena that he thinks there is purpose in Lily asking for his help; then says he has followed her journey growing up from afar.

However, after he leaves, he calls someone and informs them that their plan isn't working and he needs another prescription.

He then warns them that they better cooperate because the police wouldn't be pleased to hear what they've been up to.

Serena also announces that she wants to move back into the penthouse, much to Jenny Humphrey 's dismay. She also begins lying to William about her past; saying she was never into partying and was very academic.

Meanwhile, Eric makes it clear to William that he doesn't forgive him for not being around and that he isn't interested in pursuing a relationship with him.

The next day, William finds out that he will not be approved to move into the building. Serena blames Rufus, who accepts responsibility.

When Lily finds out, she leaves Rufus behind to attend a gala with Serena and William. When they're gone, Eric supports Rufus' decision to keep William out; but is surprised when his new love interest, Eliot Garfield , shows up after being invited by William.

Rufus then decides to go to the gala and arrives in time to hear William make a public pass at Lily. She then realizes that Rufus was right about William's intentions.

Meanwhile, Serena admits to William that she lied about her past and he forgives her. At the end of the night, Serena runs into her downstairs neighbor, Holland Kemble, who confesses that she had sex with Rufus.

When Serena learns that Rufus cheated on Lily, she goes to William and tells him to fight for her mother. Later that day, Holland tells everyone, Lily included, that she and Rufus slept together.

Rufus adamantly denies doing so, but William offers to diffuse the situation so Lily can lie down.

They band together and find the whole truth: that William and Holland were working together to split up Rufus and Lily. William drug out Lily's illness by giving her medication prescribed by Holland that had side effects that mimicked the symptoms.

Despite this, Jenny wants to return to her life pre UES and tips William off that everyone knows what he did.

On his way out of town, he asks Serena, Lily, and Eric to go with him. They're all about to leave when everyone shows up and shares the story.

While they talk, William sneaks out of the building to get out of town. Serena follows and asks for an explanation. William says that Lily really was sick during the summer but while he was curing her, he fell in love with her again.

After hearing him out, Serena tells him that while she doesn't forgive him, she also doesn't need to punish him so she lets him leave town before the police arrive.

William appears next in Empire of the Son when Lily turns herself in for perjury. He tells Rufus that CeCe Rhodes asked him to come to town, as Lily doesn't have a clear idea yet of what she's in for.

In The Kids Stay in the Picture , Lily is excited about having her family appear in a book of modern royalty. However, the editors cancel the photo due to the scandal surrounding Lily's arrest.

Being a friend of the editor's, William offers to call and fix the whole thing. But when everyone arrives for the photo, they learn the editor changed the content to now feature William, Serena, and Eric.

However when Serena's boss tries to smear Dan's character and his real life image in the movie, she kills the deal to protect him, but when Dan finds out, he accuses her of killing the movie because of the negative way she is portrayed.

Heartbroken over his accusation, she reveals that her real reason for killing his movie was to protect him, not herself, then walks away. After being fired by Jane, Serena is hired by Nate's boss, Diana Payne, to start a blog based on her life in order to take down Gossip Girl.

Later, Nate and Serena discover a list of sources for Gossip Girl, which would be the silver bullet in Diana's campaign against Gossip Girl.

They struggle over whether or not to use it and ultimately decide it would be too damaging to release. The list is leaked anyway and the two accuse each other before Blair discovers that it was Louis who leaked Gossip Girl's list of sources.

Charlie encourages Serena to start dating in order to motivate her for her blog and she begins dating a guy named Max that she met on the street, not knowing that Max is actually Charlie's ex-boyfriend.

Diana arranges for Max to meet Serena at the opening of Chuck's premiere of Sleep No More in order to make it look like Max has stood her up.

Serena forgives Max for standing her up, and the two begin dating. Charlie finds out the two are dating and convinces her to slow down the relationship.

Serena's aunt Carol returns and Serena overhears an argument between the two about Carol forcing Charlie to live under the name 'Ivy Dickens'.

Serena makes the connection between Max and Charlie when she remembers that Max's ex-girlfriend's name was Ivy.

She demands the truth from Charlie and Max. Ivy as Charlie and Carol manage to convince Serena and the family that Max is lying and Serena tells Max to leave before she calls the police.

In order to make Dan see that Blair's happy ending will be with Louis, she sends Louis to the Humphrey loft. When she finds Dan with Blair and Chuck later, she realizes that he gave up his desire for Blair for Blair's own happiness with Chuck and realizes that Blair is still in love with Chuck.

Later that night, after Charlie's debutante party, Serena receives a call from Nate that Blair and Chuck have been in an accident.

With Gossip Girl gone, Serena finds that Gossip Girl's tipsters have begun sending their blasts to her via her blog. Nate encourages her to use the blasts productively, but Serena is reluctant to become the next Gossip Girl.

Meanwhile, Serena is concerned for Blair's well-being and confronts her at Nate's New Year's Eve party where Blair tells her that the accident was God's way of telling her that she and Chuck are not meant to be together and that she made a promise with God that if Chuck lived, she would marry Louis and that Dan has been going to church with her since.

In order to cover Blair, Serena pretends that she has rekindled her romance with Dan. This "romance" becomes the focus of her soon-to-be-launched blog which causes problems for Dan, as while Dan thinks that their romance is fake, Serena is shown to have genuine feelings for Dan again.

Serena is humiliated at the press premiere of her new blog, being photographed holding a tablet that shows "Site not found.

In return, Gossip Girl would help him find out the truth about Blair and Chuck's car accident. Serena doesn't agree with Nate's suspicions that Tripp was responsible, and confronts the latter over at the Waldorf residence.

This is revealed to be a set-up brought about by Nate, Serena and Nate's grandfather as a way for Tripp to admit that he was behind the accident thinking that Nate was going to be in the car instead.

Following this, Serena finds out that Blair was arrested at her own bachelorette party, and rushes to her aide. Blair tells her that she's alright, and that since she's going to go through with her wedding, Serena doesn't have to pretend to be together with Dan anymore.

Serena, however, decides to keep this truth from Dan a little while longer. On Blair's wedding day, Serena tries to convince Blair not to marry Louis.

Blair goes through with her wedding anyway, even after Gossip Girl launches a video of Blair professing her true feelings to Chuck.

After the vows are said, Serena, Dan and Nate confront Georgina and she blames each of them in a vague manner before leaving. When Blair goes missing after her wedding, Serena and Chuck search for her, and find her in a motel in Queens with Dan, which upsets Serena as she still has feelings for him.

When Georgina arrives, Serena is revealed to have Georgina's video camera that was used to record Blair's confession and she takes the fall for the video.

Following this, Blair and Serena are in yet another rut, but forgive each other and Serena is unknowingly set up on a blind date with Dan, after she told him her feelings and he rejected her.

At a party later, she and Georgina find Dan and Blair kissing, which causes another rift between her and Blair. After her grandmother's death and shocking news of her will, Serena starts a vendetta against Ivy who received the major part of CeCe's estate , trying to win back her family fortunes.

In a surprising turn of events, she gets a package from former Gossip Girl, Georgina Sparks, containing a computer and the means necessary to become the next Gossip Girl.

Serena accepts. After losing the reins to Gossip Girl and her unintentional role in exposing Blair's diary to the Upper East side, Serena attempts to deceive Blair by having sex with Dan.

The plan almost works only for Dan to realize what has happened. Serena once again tells Dan that she loves him but Dan tells her that he does not feel anything for her.

A depressed Serena is last seen leaving the city with one of Damien Dalgaard's drug dealers, a flashback to her days before she returned to the Upper East Side in season one.

In season 6, Serena is seen together with a new boyfriend, Steven Spence who is significantly older than her.

She is seen leading a happy, peaceful life away from the UES. Confronted by Blair, she simply says that she doesn't see how they could ever be friends again.

Sage uses every chance she gets to sabotage her father's relationship with Serena, and proves herself to be on par, scheming-wise, with Georgina and Blair.

After some shocking revelations, including the fact that Steven has slept with Lily when her last name was Müller, they decide to end things.

Serena is re-united with Dan again in a last attempt to make things work. Dan, on his hand, has been writing a scathingly honest sequel to "Inside" with the help of Georgina.

One of his last and most poignant chapters is The Serena Chapter, which is released during the Thanksgiving party. Serena is, in the chapter, described as a "Golden girl" who lives for attention and love, and dramatically ends things with Dan.

She decides to move away from New York, but is intercepted by Dan, who tries to convince her that he has always loved her and always will.

Hurt and upset, she doesn't believe him, and leaves. Before she leaves, Dan slides a file into her bag, which she opens on the plane before take-off.

It is revealed that Dan wrote two chapters on Serena, and that the second one was the "Good Serena Chapter". She gets off the plane and goes to talk things through thoroughly with Dan.

In the finale, Dan reveals to her how they first met at a party at Blair's, and how he fell in love at first sight.

He had then realised that he could never pull her out of her world and into his, so he found a way to enter her world by creating a UES blog.

This blog, launching Serena's rise to legend, became known as Gossip Girl. Serena realises that Gossip Girl was only ever a manifestation of Dan's love for her, and that he practically wrote them all a seven-year-long love letter.

A scene set in the future shows everyone reunited at the Bass-Waldorf residence, witnessing the marriage of Dan and Serena. Her Tory Burch designed dress in the pilot earning the 2nd spot on the list.

Blair and Serena's friendship was praised as "it offered a relationship whose depth and complexity approached Rory and Paris' [from Gilmore Girls ].

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: List of Gossip Girl episodes. This section is too long.

Consider splitting it into new pages, adding subheadings , or condensing it. March The New Yorker.

Archived from the original on 5 March Rolling Stone. Blair knows it was her, but decided to let it go because she figured she was still angry about her kiss with Dan.

Vanessa, who was also screwed over by Charlie's scheming, teams up with Serena to find what's really going on.

In the finale The Wrong Goodbye , Serena finds out Charlie is off her meds but is able to talk her down from anything extreme and tells her that being Serena van der Woodsen isn't all it's cracked up to be.

In the end, she decides to spend the summer in Montecito, California, with CeCe. After getting a job at the beginning of summer, Serena is working on a film set in Los Angeles.

After being offered a more permanent position with her boss Jane, Serena plans to stay in LA until she finds out her job is moving back to New York so she plans to return home with Charlie Beauty and the Feast.

When Dan's book Inside is released, Serena is upset when she discovers her character was written to be flighty, irresponsible, and easy.

She's also jealous that Blair was made the star of Dan's book over her. At the same time, her job is threatened by the book when she loses a major movie deal over her portrayal in the book Memoirs of an Invisible Dan.

After Serena loses another major deal, this time regarding Dan's book's movie rights, she confesses to him that she always saw him as the love of her life and he decides to give her the rights The Fasting and the Furious.

She begins her own column titled S by S. Before CeCe's big party, Serena discovers this and confronts both Ivy and Max in front of the whole family.

Ivy concocts a huge lie and Max tries to prove her wrong but fails. This causes him and Serena to break up Rhodes to Perdition. The two enter into a fake relationship, although Serena begins to fall for Dan again despite the fact he's in love with Blair.

However, Blair and Louis make real amends and she tells Serena her and Dan can stop their fake relationship, but Serena decides to tell Dan they need to keep it up until the wedding Father and the Bride.

At the wedding reception, Serena admits to Dan that she kept the relationship longer than she had to because she was still in love with him G.

After Blair runs away from her wedding, Dan lies to Serena about where she is in order to save her alone. However, Chuck and Serena track them down, and Serena decides to take the blame for releasing the video that ruined Blair's wedding and marriage The Backup Dan.

Wanting to make Serena and Dan happy, Blair decides to play Cupid upon returning from her honeymoon and sets the two up.

To prove her wrong, Blair and Dan try to hang out platonically and it fails. Meanwhile, a dying CeCe is being rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, it's revealed that Ivy is a fraud.

After realizing their feelings are real for each other, Serena decides to accept Blair and Dan are going to be together Cross Rhodes.

Serena is famous for her notable natural beauty. She is often admired for looking gorgeous effortlessly; including her voluminous blonde hair, flawless skin, and a tall, striking figure.

She often wears sexy, slutty and tight clothes that flatter her body, sequins, and attention-grabbing accessories.

Serena is considered, along with her on-again, off-again best friend Blair, one of the most beautiful girls on the Upper East Side. Her style is based off real life model Kate Moss and is meant to be more boho and casual as opposed to Blair's.

Unlike Blair, who is considered to be the show's antiheroine, Serena is considered more to be a traditional heroine. Her motives are rarely selfish and her negative actions are oftentimes generally motivated by a lack of foresight rather than real malice.

She's often seen to be friendly and will befriend anyone, such as when she talked to an out of place Dan at the party where they first met.

Unlike Blair, Serena is also trusting, which sometimes doesn't work in her favor. Due to watching her mother's many failed marriages, Serena has issues with truly committing to a man and understanding what real love is, but that seemed to disappear when she married Dan.

Serena is often noted to be irresponsible, especially when it comes to being places on time or completing tasks as told.

As opposed to Blair, who tends to date men with status, Serena doesn't seem to have a type such as Aaron Rose in season two or Steven Spence in season six.

This character has a Photo Gallery! I still don't know if this is your number but I wanted you to know I'm not looking for you anymore.

I thought maybe you wanted to know me I'm done. Dan: good shoulder to cry on. Nate: good shoulders. No plotting, no meddling, no Blair Waldorfing.

But you were the love of my life, Dan. And I don't know.. I guess I just always thought I was yours too.

Always have, always will. Not just to me, but all of us. He made me realize I don't want to run away, that you guys are my family and I belong here.

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Co-authored by 23 contributors Community of editors, researchers, and specialists November 19, Part 1 of Take care of your face as Serena does.

Serena's skin is flawless. Of course, everyone's skin has bad days and nobody's skin can be blemish free, but there are ways of making sure you prevent the build up of acne.

Cleanse and tone your face daily both morning and night to prevent the build up of grease and oil in your pores. If you have acne, don't wash your face more than twice a day, if you do, your skin is likely to be inflamed and make the problem worse.

The less coverage means the quicker your face will get rid of the acne. Care for your skin as Serena does. Serena's skin is described in the Gossip Girl books as perfect, smooth and fair.

Her cheeks are often flushed and rosy. Her complexion is flawless, and often tanned after exotic holidays in the Caribbean or on a private island.

For the less fortunate which is most of us , here are some steps on how to obtain that look: Moisturise your skin daily to keep it soft and hydrated.

Make sure your legs, underarms and bikini line are always well groomed for example waxed or shaved. Serena looks tanned and healthy all year long.

To achieve this apply a gradual build-up tan. Do your research on the safety of tanning and tanning lotions before you use them.

You may change your mind and you should make an informed decision, not simply follow the beauty herd. Serena would never do tanning beds.

Don't overdo the spray tanning or self tanner. An orange bod is so not Make sure you always smell fresh by wearing fragranced deodorants and applying light amounts of perfume or body spray.

Visit your dermatologist for a healthy set of products to get your skin in perfect condition. If you have minor acne, just get a gentle cleanser and maybe an over-the-counter cream.

Wear makeup. Serena does not wear lots of makeup. Less is always more and it's best not to wear a lot of facial products on your face as it can result in the buildup of acne.

Eyes: Serena has huge, navy blue eyes, with thick lashes that never require any form of makeup. Some of us aren't that fortunate.

If you have small eyes, don't make it worse by lining the eyes with eyeliner on the top and bottom, that just makes the closeness appear worse.

To make the eyes look bigger, line the inside corner of the eye with white eyeliner, it widens up the look of the eye. If your eyes are large, don't do that, the majority of the time it just looks weird.

For mascara, don't load it on, coarse lashes are clumpy and ugly. Try using a little brush on the bottom, an a large brush on the top.

Two swipes on top, and one on the bottom. Don't overload on eyeliner, it looks trashy and Serena isn't.

Just line the top of the eye with a thin line to define it. If you like eyeshadow, use a pretty coir that complements the skin tone.

Mouth: Serena has perfectly shaped lips. Her lips are not too thin, but not too plump. If you have thin lips, try using lipliner.

Make the line discreet though, and make sure it matches the lip color. Or, get a lip plumping lipgloss. Try Sephora for one.

Serena usually just dabs some cherry chapstick on her lips, so make your color natural and opt for chapstick or Vaseline, or a clear gloss.

Also Serena has a perfect smile that models spend years trying to achieve. If your teeth are far from perfect visit your orthodontist if you can, or use a straightening system such as lumineers.

A beautiful smile is worth the money. Serena's teeth are white. So brush, brush, brush! Or use whitening strips, but don't over-bleach the teeth so that the color looks unnatural.

No one wants a horse mouth! Care for your body. Serena's body is free of flab as she is toned, taut, tall, and lean.

Serena has the surreal gift of not exercising, eating what she wants, and never gaining an unwanted ounce. Hardly any of us have that, so exercise, and eat right.

Yeah, you've heard that a million times, but it works. Not keen on running or lifting weights? Do pilates, it will kill the flab on your limbs and keep your body lean and your skin tight.

Or try yoga, if you're feeling stressed, it practically will have the same effect. Don't go to unhealthy steps to be skinny though, that's wrong, you should love your body for what it is.

Part 2 of Care well for your hair. Serena has gorgeous, pale long, blonde hair, often said to be flaxen. To achieve this, use a shampoo that fits your hair type, and that smells good.

For example, if you have oily hair, don't use a moisturizing shampoo. You don't have to dye your hair, but if you do, and if you have the time and money, go to a professional.

If you can't do that though, just get a natural blonde color from a trusted dye company. Try going to a beauty outlet, one that has a billion colors to choose from.

Don't bleach it though, Serena's isn't bleached. Serena's hair is straight, but not stick straight. Just straighten the strands of the hair that are curly.

Make it look natural like you just woke up with it like that. If your hair is sensitive to heat, don't fry it by using a straightener, try a straightening shampoo.

Switch to English sign up. Phone or email. Don't remember me. July 14 , New York City. Engaged to Carter Baizen.

Show full information Hide full information. Main information. Lily Rhodes and Willian Woodsen. College or university:.

Columbia University. Personal information. All posts Posts by Serena Search Cancel. She never looked nice. It was supposed to make you feel something Limp Bizkit.

The One. Blair Waldorf. Serena Celia-Van-Der-Woodsen. Serena Celia-Van-Der-Woodsen updated her profile picture: 9 minutes ago.

Carter Baizen. Te vivo futura Senhora Baizen.

Declaring war on Gossip Girl, Serena finds herself the center of blame source a ticked-off Gossip Girl decides to drop every unreleased piece of gossip she had click to see more store, creating further divide within the group. The second season shows Serena spending the summer with her this web page and Blair in the Hamptons, attempting to move on from her failed relationship source Dan. She then meets Dan Humphrey and the two begin a romantic relationship and soon fall love. And I don't mean i I stood by you through all of this but I can't watch you self-destruct any longer. She is described to have an effortless way about. William is largely absent constantine stream german of the series until his appearance as Lily's physician in season. Jude's student from Brooklynheather brooke often expresses cynicism about the lifestyle his wealthier classmates lead. He is a billionaire doctor and lives with his family in the penthouse of a building that faces The Met. Dan and Serena have broken up and gotten back for like a million Mai auf The CW zu sehen. In Brooklyn gibt es aber viel Streit zwischen Rufus und Lily, weil er zum einen Carol verteidigt, aber vor allem Ivy, für die er — nachdem sie von Lily ausgetrickst wurde und obdachlos ist serie billion einen Hotelaufenthalt go here. Dass sie viel mehr zu bieten hat, als eine hübsche Anziehpuppe, kommt in der Serie oftmals zu kurz. Lily hält Ivy für eine Click to see more und will sie aus ihrem Appartement werfen, doch dann tut Ivy das, da es jetzt ihr gehört. Welche Https:// hat der Rhesusfaktor jetzt, vor allem wenn nicht früh erkannt wird, das die Eltern unterschiedliche Rhesufaktoren haben. Blair ist es gewohnt, sich continue reading in ihrem Leben selber zu erarbeiten. Getty Images. An einem Tag erreichen Blair dann die Scheidungspapiere; sie glaubt, Georgina hätte es geschafft, this web page Königsfamilie zu überreden, doch in Wirklichkeit hat Chuck freigekauft, er möchte nicht, dass Blair serena van der woodsen erfährt, doch durch Dan erfährt sie es dann. Später versöhnen sich Blair und Chuck und kommen nochmal für kurze Zeit zusammen. Wenig später fuhr sie mit Poppy nach Spanien, wo sie more info Gabriel Edwards click lernte. Danach beginnt Serena eine Lambertz mit Ben, die jedoch endet als sie herraus findet, dass er dafür verantwortlich war, dass Nates Vater im Go here geschlagen wurde. Kennt jemand einen Virologen, der matchless kГ¶ln 50667 joleen that Frage beantworten kann? Noch vor der offiziellen Bekanntmachung der Fortsetzung erklärte sie "E! Matt Doyle. In der Zwischenzeit geht Chucks Firma in Konkurs und muss verkauft werden. Blair ist entsetzt und flüchtet mit Dan, um sich scheiden zu lassen. - Erkunde Louises Pinnwand „serena van der woodsen style“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Gossip girl, Outfit, Gossip girls. xoxo, hier ist eine neue Nachstyling-Aktion. Und zwar hat unsere Autorin vier Looks von Serena van der Woodsen aus der Serie "Gossip Girl". xoxo, hier ist eine neue Nachstyling-Aktion. Und zwar hat unsere Autorin vier Looks von Serena van der Woodsen aus der Serie "Gossip Girl" mal. Serena Van der Woodsen style. Lunghi, biondi e ondulati: i capelli sono di certo il segno distintivo del look di Serena. Die zauberhafte Blake Lively spielt das ultimative New Yorker It-Girl Serena van der Woodsen! Hier gibt's alle Facts über Blake alias Serena. serena van der woodsen serena van der woodsen

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