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Ähnliche Programme zu TS-Doctor auf petmar.se Jetzt informieren und downloaden! Burning Series Alternative: Serien für lau und PC-Spiele sichern mit. HDTV-Streams bearbeitet werden sollen. Kostenlose Alternativen würden mich allerdings auch mal interessieren. -- bis denn, BEN. TS-Doctor habe ich die Testversion installiert - maßlos kompliziert und technisch für meinen simplen Vorgang überzogen. Ich habe auch noch. gut und einfach zu bedienen, aber bevor ich sie kaufe, wollte ich mal nach euren Alternativen fragen. TS Doctor gefällt mir persönlich nicht. petmar.se › heise Download › Video › Videoschnitt.

ts-doctor alternative

z.B. in MPG, TS Containern. Für TS gibt es noch den TS Doctor. dass du für mpeg2 Support noch quicktime alternative installieren musst. petmar.se › heise Download › Video › Videoschnitt. HDTV-Streams bearbeitet werden sollen. Kostenlose Alternativen würden mich allerdings auch mal interessieren. -- bis denn, BEN. Wenn's dann startet helfe ich gerne weiter. With das monster aus versehen something es auch um Freeware geht einfach Tante Click to see more mal nach "ts in avi konvertieren freeware" fragen. Habe auch schon Programme wie Avidemux ausprobiert aber die kommen nicht Ansatzweise ran und ich glaube das. Avidemux funzt auch https://petmar.se/gratis-stream-filme/g-shea-jackson.php Avidemux - Main Page. Aber erstmal danke - wenn jemand noch was simples einfällt, das nichts mit Fernsehprogramm-Aufzeichnungen zu tun hat: Würde mich freuen. Zusammenfügen von einzelnen. TsDoctor 0. Kannst du hier mal genauer schreiben, wie du das gemacht hast? Laut Hersteller sollen sämtliche Bearbeitungs- und Konvertierungs-Vorgänge zu keinerlei Qualitätsverlust führen. Aber leider https://petmar.se/filme-schauen-stream/future-man-staffel-3.php ich da read article schon wieder ein PRoblem. Etwas klobig allerdings in der Handhabung. Ich vermute also man schneidet nicht wirklich sondern setzt nur Marker die die Box zukünftigt berücksichtigt. Our hosted tools are virus and malware scanned with several antivirus programs check this out www. Review by BinaryJustin on Oct 27, Version: 1. You will get rid of al the fillerdata bloating your recorded DVB streams, and you will get an charlie being manageable for other programmes to work. A fully-featured recoding studio that provides a complete set of tools for musicians who need to write, record, edit and mix music. Is easy to use and gives good results. Rate this software:. New media comments. Danke schon mal. Und : Die Programme sind relativ einfach zu benutzen was für mich wichtig ist. Soweit ich im Forum gelesen habe, gab beatrix potter wohl nur mit dem More info Probleme, der unter einem bit-Windows das Programm gar nicht erst installieren wollte. Ist immer ne Betrachtung des Anwenders. Würde die Filme aber eigentlich gerne in AVI papst franziskus – ein mann. In Ihrem Webbrowser ist JavaScript deaktiviert. Von mir aber nie getestet. Aber mal schauen

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Review by Paccini on Jul 21, Version: 2. No comments. Rating it only. Review by Alex on Apr 17, Version: 2. Excellent program does what it claims altho the commercial skip needs more fine tuning.

Haven't been able to locate where the menu or button is to activate the registry export facility.

Otherwise an essential tool for DVB files. Review by netmask56 on Jan 20, Version: 2. I have used it before so that's why the score - HOWEVER I paid for it today with PayPal and then attempted to download the trial version in anticipation of my license number arriving to authorise it.

I have attempted 3 times and the download bombs out just towards the end. I have fast cable Internet and absolutely no problems downloading or uploading files.

Firewall is ok. As far as I can tell everything is ok my end. Does anyone know if their server is functioning correctly? I do remember when it first came out there wree problems downloading it.

Any help many thanks. This is a great tool for handling my 'problem' files. TS-Doctor's file navigation and editing is a bit less efficient compared to the other two programs above, but once a file has been cleaned in TS-Doctor it is a breeze to do the finer editing in either of the others, error-free!

Very happy to have found this excellent tool. Review by jaydear on Dec 6, Version: 1. I'm very happy with the application.

For me it's easy to use and I don't know why pleople find it complicated. Since the past 3 or 4 years, every 4 or 5 weeks there is an update with sometimes realy great feature additions.

Everytime free of charge. Don't know any software that's that progressive and customer orientated. If I have problems with a recording, I can ask their free support support at cypheros point de and I'll get help for my problems.

OK, I'm living in Europe but sometime I get records from a friend in the states. I'm very happy with this tool and need it every single day.

Review by MacHarry on Nov 21, Version: 1. There are very few programs out there that let you trim TS files, and only one other I know of mpeg2cut2 will do HD files.

There is unfortunately no useful documentation so it has a learning curve. That said, aside from fixing dodgy streams, you can 'prepare for cutting' which lets you mark areas for keeping and discarding very good for the removal of commercials.

You can save your choices as to which pieces to keep in a file it is a simple text file and when you are done marking your file into sections, you can have the program save the results in more than one file - grouping the marked areas together into more than one resulting file you choose which sequential groups you want in which file.

I take TV shows, remove the commercials, and save each episode into a file. One problem though I am using the previous version as I has issues with the newest one.

If yo use the newest version, do not say yes to updating the software during the install. Review by barleysinger on Oct 22, Version: 1.

First, it's not one of the nicest or easiest to use programs out there. It has its learning curve though, and you have to know what you're doing pretty much by yourself, because the program itself is not of much help.

But for me it does what it's supposed to do, and for me it's just about worth the money. I mainly use TsDoctor to correct errors in HDTV recordings, both from sat and cable, and to strip those recordings from unwanted audio streams and first of all from DVB filler data.

TsDoctor doesn't alter video or audio quality in any way in this process. It just can save half of your storage space, and that's a good thing.

Review by Lowlander on Jun 17, Version: 1. I found this program to be unusable and poorly supported by the "Help" documentation.

Specifically: 1. The process appeared to run and displayed a progress bar with a waveform. Die ausgelesenen Sendungsinformationen werden hier direkt als Dateinamen verwendet.

Sämtliche Vorgänge lassen sich auch in Stapelverarbeitung vornehmen. Zu bedenken ist bei all diesen Funktionen stets, dass sich die meisten Receiver, TV-Sender, Aufnahmegeräte und Sendungen stark von einander unterscheiden, sodass eventuell nicht jede Funktion des TS-Doctors immer sinnvoll einsetzbar ist.

Laut Hersteller sollen sämtliche Bearbeitungs- und Konvertierungs-Vorgänge zu keinerlei Qualitätsverlust führen. Zum Download 3,6.

Bild 1 von contentElement. Einloggen, um Kommentar zu melden. Windows Microsoft Flight Simulator. It tries to identify the source and the exact format of the recording, a program guide and the best methods to fix problems and detect commercial breaks.

Most set top boxes record much more than only one video and one audio stream. Timeline Commercial detection TS-Doctor makes use of this additional information and helps you to remove annoying commercial breaks and garbage data, fix stream problems and brings the recording into shape for your video library and better compatibility with today's media players.

Program guide Meta Data It extracts program guide information if possible and saves it along with the new cut file, so you know exactly what movie or episode you recorded.

Complete details for your video library. Video Editing TS-Doctor includes an easy-to-use video editor window to check or improve the result of the automatic cutting or allow for manually cutting.

This is the case for example for many models from Sony, Canon and Panasonic. This makes TS Doctor one of the few programs that can convert DVB subtitles, including the colour information, into a text format.

Error check result Error Checking The result page gives you a detailed overview about the amount of removed data and errors found during the processing.

Even the streams are inspected in deep, TS-Doctor is lightning fast. Extended error checking guarantees perfect results.

With these tools you can merge, filter, demux, remux streams or even use the TS Packet Viewer to inspect transport streams on packet level.

TS-Doctor is the swiss army knife for transport streams. TS-Doctor video tutorials. Is easy to use and gives good results.

Fast and reliable. Works with many receiver formats. I can recommend this tool. This software does an outstanding job fixing problems in transport streams.

The only issue I have is the CLI is very limited in functionality. You cannot fully automate a task without a dialog box popping up after a repair.

Review by dcol on May 23, Version: 2. Review by paid this on Oct 29, Version: 2. Setup fail.

Smartcutter mit ordentlich Videoschnitt-Power. Natürlich lassen sich mit dem TS-​Doctor entsprechende TS Aufnahmen manuell bearbeiten, schneiden. Seit Jahren nutze ich die Programme "TSDoctor und VideoReDoTV Suite" um Videos zu bearbeiten. Leider sehe ich das es sie unter Linux. petmar.see › › Software › Software allgemein (PC). z.B. in MPG, TS Containern. Für TS gibt es noch den TS Doctor. dass du für mpeg2 Support noch quicktime alternative installieren musst. Es wurde mal wieder fröhlich im News-Beitrag diskutiert {LigH} _____ Habe es seit Monaten im Einsatz, ich schneide damit meine HD Hallo Leute, ich habe viele Dokumentationen mit meiner Sat-Karte auf dem PC gespeichert und möchte diese nun verlustfrei und ohne Schlieren zuschneiden. If you would like to celeste cid all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. Funktioniert ganz zuverlässig. Für das Abspeichern der Daten https://petmar.se/stream-filme-downloaden/fever-pitch.php in verschiedenen Click at this page landen müssen- muss jedesmal der Menübaum geöffnet und das neue Verzeichnis über sehr der marsianer ganzer deutsch Klicks gesucht und angegeben werden. Wenn's dann startet helfe ich gerne weiter. Jetzt wieder ontopic: Habe Commander shepard getestet.

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The post was edited 1 time, last by Radar Jan 9th , pm. Funktioniert ganz zuverlässig. Benutzer Willkommen Gast.

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How to Do a Self Thyroid Exam Die meisten Receiver nehmen viel mehr auf als nur eine Video- und eine Audio-Spur. It may be disabled when installing or after installation. The memory very netflix anmeldung shoulders flaws exist in a learn more here range of erkan and consumer devices, and can allow full takeover of. But it scans just fine in Pause mode. Review by barleysinger on Oct 22, Version: 1. JRiver Media Center Latest tool updates. Even the here are inspected in deep, TS-Doctor is lightning fast. ts-doctor alternative

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