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Die Abenteuer der modernen Steinzeitfamilie und ihren Freunden aus Bedrock. Familie Feuerstein (englisch The Flintstones) ist eine US-amerikanische, von Hanna-Barbera produzierte Zeichentrickserie. Lange Zeit galt sie als die. Flintstones – Die Familie Feuerstein (The Flintstones) ist eine amerikanische Filmkomödie von Brian Levant aus dem Jahr In den Hauptrollen sind John​. Finden Sie The Flintstones - Die Familie Feuerstein / Die Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas [2 DVDs] in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-Angebot. Finden Sie The Flintstones - Die Familie Feuerstein in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-Angebot. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem.

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Familie Feuerstein (englisch The Flintstones) ist eine US-amerikanische, von Hanna-Barbera produzierte Zeichentrickserie. Lange Zeit galt sie als die. The Flintstones - Die Familie Feuerstein. + 1 Std. 30 petmar.seödien. In dieser realverfilmten Komödie kämpfen Fred Feuerstein und sein Freund Barney​. "The Flintstones - Familie Feuerstein" Alltag in Steintal: Tagsüber arbeitet Fred Feuerstein mit seinem Freund Barney Geröllheimer im Steinbruch von Slate & Co​.

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Animation historian Christopher P. Lehman considers that the series draws its humor in part from creative uses of anachronisms. The main one is the placing of a "modern", 20th-century society in prehistory.

This society takes inspiration from the suburban sprawl developed in the first two decades of the postwar period.

This society has modern home appliances, but they work by employing animals. These cars are large wooden and rock structures and burn no fuel.

They are powered by people who run while inside them. This depiction is inconsistent, however. On some occasions, the cars are known to have engines with appropriate sound-effects , requiring ignition keys and gasoline.

Fred might pull into a gas station, and say, "Fill 'er up with Ethel. Finally, the stone houses of this society are cookie-cutter homes positioned into neighborhoods typical of midth-century American suburbs.

Over other characters appeared throughout the program. Fred Flintstone physically resembles both the first voice actor who played him, Alan Reed , and Jackie Gleason , whose series, The Honeymooners , inspired The Flintstones.

Blanc was able to return to the series much sooner than expected, by virtue of a temporary recording studio for the entire cast set up at Blanc's bedside.

Blanc's portrayal of Barney had changed considerably after the accident. In the earliest episodes, Blanc had used a much higher pitch to the point of portraying Barney as a smart-aleck.

After his recovery from the accident, Blanc used a deeper voice, quite similar to the voice of the Abominable Snowman he performed in other cartoons and was shown as somewhat dopier than before.

Reed based Fred's voice upon Gleason's Honeymooners interpretation of Ralph Kramden , while Blanc, after a season of using a nasal, high-pitched voice for Barney, eventually adopted a style of voice similar to that used by Art Carney in his portrayal of Ed Norton.

The first time the Art Carney-like voice was used was for a few seconds in "The Prowler" the third episode produced.

In a Playboy interview, Gleason said Alan Reed had done voice-overs for Gleason in his early movies and that he had considered suing Hanna-Barbera for copying The Honeymooners but decided to let it pass.

But they also told him, 'Do you want to be known as the guy who yanked Fred Flintstone off the air? The guy who took away a show so many kids love and so many parents love, too?

The opening and closing credits theme during the first two seasons was called "Rise and Shine", a lively instrumental underscore accompanying Fred on his drive home from work.

This version was recorded with a piece big band , and the Randy Van Horne Singers. The musical underscores were credited to Hoyt Curtin for the show's first five seasons; Ted Nichols took over in for the final season.

Although these programs were successful, they did not have the same wide audience appeal as their previous theatrical cartoon series Tom and Jerry , which entertained both children and the adults who accompanied them.

However, since children did not need their parents' supervision to watch television, Hanna-Barbera's output became labeled "kids only".

Barbera and Hanna wanted to recapture the adult audience with an animated situation comedy.

Barbera and Hanna experimented with hillbillies a hillbilly theme was later incorporated into two Flintstones episodes, "The Bedrock Hillbillies" and "The Hatrocks and the Gruesomes" , Romans Hanna-Barbera eventually created The Roman Holidays , pilgrims, and Indians as the settings for the two families before deciding on the Stone Age.

According to Barbera, they settled on that because "you could take anything that was current, and convert it to stone-age".

A brief demonstration film was also created to sell the idea of a "modern stone-age family" to sponsors and the network.

The show imitated and spoofed The Honeymooners , although the early voice characterization for Barney was that of Lou Costello.

The characters, I thought, were terrific. Now, that influenced greatly what we did with The Flintstones The Honeymooners was there, and we used that as a kind of basis for the concept.

But if people want to compare The Flintstones to The Honeymooners , then great. It's a total compliment. The Honeymooners was one of the greatest shows ever written.

The cartoon concerned the rowdy antics of a bank robber in stone-age Dallas. Many of the sight gags from that series predated similar situations used by Hanna-Barbera in the Flintstones series by many years.

Many students of American animation point to this cartoon as a progenitive seed of the Flintstones. The concept was also predated by the Stone Age Cartoons series of 12 animated cartoons released from January to September by Fleischer Studios.

These cartoons show stone-age people doing modern things with primitive means. One example is Granite Hotel including characters such as a newsboy, telephone operator, hotel clerk, and a spoof of Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy.

Here we were with a brand new thing that had never been done before, an animated prime-time television show. So we developed two storyboards; one was they had a helicopter of some kind and they went to the opera or whatever, and the other was Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble fighting over a swimming pool.

So I go back to New York with a portfolio and two half-hour boards. And no-one would even believe that you'd dare to suggest a thing like that, I mean they looked at you and they'd think you're crazy.

But slowly the word got out, and I used the presentation which took almost an hour and a half. I would go to the other two boards and tell them what they did, and do all the voices and the sounds and so-on, and I'd stagger back to the hotel and I'd collapse.

The phone would ring like crazy, like one time I did Bristol-Myers , the whole company was there. When I got through I'd go back to the hotel the phone would ring and say "the president wasn't at that meeting, could you come back and do it for him.

I got to know where the laughs were, and where to hit it, nothing; dead, dead, dead. So one of the people at Screen Gems said "This is the worst, those guys What it was, was that there were two agencies there, and neither one was going to let the other one know they were enjoying it.

But I pitched it for eight straight weeks and nobody bought it. So after sitting in New York just wearing out, you know really wearing out.

Pitch, pitch, pitch, sometimes five a day. So finally on the very last day I pitched it to ABC, which was a young daring network willing to try new things, and bought the show in 15 minutes.

Thank goodness, because this was the very last day and if they hadn't bought it, I would have taken everything down, put it in the archives and never pitched it again.

Sometimes I wake up in a cold-sweat thinking this is how close you get to disaster. When the series went into production, the working title The Flagstones was changed, possibly to avoid confusion with the Flagstons, characters in the comic strip Hi and Lois.

After spending a brief period in development as The Gladstones GLadstone being a Los Angeles telephone exchange at the time , [25] Hanna-Barbera settled upon The Flintstones , and the idea of the Flintstones having a child from the start was discarded, with Fred and Wilma starting out as a childless couple.

Despite the animation and fantasy setting, the series was initially aimed at adult audiences, which was reflected in the comedy writing, which, as noted, resembled the average primetime sitcoms of the era, with the usual family issues resolved with a laugh at the end of each episode, as well as the inclusion of a laugh track.

Hanna and Barbera hired many writers from the world of live-action, including two of Jackie Gleason's writers, Herbert Finn and Sydney Zelinka, as well as relative newcomer Joanna Lee while still using traditional animation story men such as Warren Foster and Michael Maltese.

The Flintstones premiered on September 30, , at pm Eastern time, and quickly became a hit. It was the first American animated show to depict two people of the opposite sex Fred and Wilma; Barney and Betty sleeping together in one bed, although Fred and Wilma are sometimes depicted as sleeping in separate beds.

For comparison, the first live-action depiction of this in American TV history was in television's first-ever sitcom: 's Mary Kay and Johnny.

The first two seasons were co-sponsored by Winston cigarettes and the characters appeared in several black-and-white television commercials for Winston [28] dictated by the custom, at that time, that the star s of a TV series often "pitched" their sponsor's product in an "integrated commercial" at the end of the episode.

During the third season, Hanna and Barbera decided that Fred and Wilma should have a baby. Originally, Hanna and Barbera intended for the Flintstone family to have a boy, the head of the marketing department convinced them to change it to a girl since "girl dolls sell a lot better than boy dolls".

Beginning with the episode "The Surprise", aired midway through the third season January 25, , in which Wilma reveals her pregnancy to Fred, the arc continued through the time leading up to Pebbles' birth in the episode "Dress Rehearsal" February 22, , and then continued with several episodes showing Fred and Wilma adjusting to the world of parenthood.

Around this time, Winston pulled out their sponsorship and Welch's grape juice and grape jellies became the primary sponsor, as the show's audience began to shift younger.

Rate This. In a parallel modern-day Stone Age world, a working-class family, the Flintstones, are set up for an executive job.

But they learn that money can't buy happiness. Director: Brian Levant. Writers: Tom S. Watch on Prime Video included with Prime.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: John Goodman Fred Flintstone Elizabeth Perkins Wilma Flintstone Rick Moranis Barney Rubble Rosie O'Donnell Betty Rubble Kyle MacLachlan Cliff Vandercave Halle Berry Miss Stone Elizabeth Taylor Pearl Slaghoople Dann Florek Slate Richard Moll Hoagie Irwin Keyes Grizzled Man Harvey Korman Dictabird voice Elaine Silver Pebbles Melanie Silver Learn more More Like This.

The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas Comedy Family Romance. The Flintstones — Animation Adventure Comedy.

The misadventures of two modern-day Stone Age families, the Flintstones and the Rubbles. Honey, I Blew Up the Kid Adventure Comedy Family.

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A various of incredible adventures involving a cheerful woodpecker with an unforgettable laugh. The daily satirical adventures of the Looney Tunes star The Tazmanian Devil, along with his extended family, friends, and enemies on the island of Tasmania.

This popular animated television cartoon featured two Stone Age families, the Flintstones and their neighbors, the Rubbles.

Much of the humor was based on its comic portrayals of modern conveniences, reinterpreted using Stone Age 'technology. The series started in Britain in , the year I had my very first job - babysitting for a neighbor.

I was just The two kids were total brats, screaming, spoilt, mashed potato slam-dunked over the wallpaper The success of this animated icon probably lies in the simplicity of the Flintstone and Rubble clans.

Everyone on this planet is part Fred, Barney, Betty or Wilmer at some time in their lives. Events depicted in each and every episode were things that everyone can, did and will continue to identify with.

They are Mr and Mrs Average and if we all lived our lives and never achieved anything more than the Flintstones we could justifiably be happy.

The show supported family values, decency, togetherness, love, friendship, clean living, laughter and it was environmentally aware, socially responsible and able STILL to reach children.

I can't say as much for the two appalling movie spin-offs! Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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"The Flintstones - Familie Feuerstein" Alltag in Steintal: Tagsüber arbeitet Fred Feuerstein mit seinem Freund Barney Geröllheimer im Steinbruch von Slate & Co​. - Erkunde Thomass Pinnwand „The Flintstones“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Familie feuerstein, Zeichentrick, Alte cartoons. Heute sind die Flintstones nur noch selten anzutreffen, zum Beispiel aber in Online Casinos. Die Familie Feuerstein, die auch Flintstones. The Flintstones - Die Familie Feuerstein. + 1 Std. 30 petmar.seödien. In dieser realverfilmten Komödie kämpfen Fred Feuerstein und sein Freund Barney​. the flintstones Fred wird in diesen Folgen meistens von Eduard Wandrey this web page. Hoyt The flintstones. Im Jahr wurde eine Platte speziell für Kinder produziert, auf der die Stimmen der Charaktere verschiedene Lieder singen. Wiederbelebung der Flintstones als Spiel und Here Ihre Wiedergeburt erleben die Flintstones momentan article source anderem im Spielbereich und hier im Speziellen in Online Casinos als populärer Spielautomat. Wissener Helena mattsson Talkrunde traf sich zum Dankeschön-Frühstück. Zunächst liefen sechs Staffeln vom Künstler und Organisatoren sind nach Lockdown mit Versammlungsverboten und immer noch geltenden Hygiene- und Abstandsregeln bis ins wirtschaftliche Mark erschüttert. Später kamen noch Freds und Wilmas Tochter Pebbles engl. Wir verwenden Cookies warum? Nine episodes were produced before it but aired afterward, continue reading explains why Bamm-Bamm was not seen again until episode"Daddies Anonymous" Bamm-Bamm was in a teaser on episode 98, "Kleptomaniac Prosieben app. Retrieved July 25, And no-one would even believe that you'd dare to suggest a thing like that, I mean they looked at you and they'd think you're crazy. Here we were with a brand new thing that had never been done before, an animated prime-time television go here. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: John Goodman I brought chocolates. Hidden sportdigital CS1 Hungarian-language sources hu Articles with short description Use mdy dates from May Pages using infobox television with editor parameter All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October Articles with unsourced statements from February Commons category link from Wikidata.

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